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honey b. arrives from the beginning and we are there until the end. Our all inclusive packaging allows for us to go above and beyond for our clients.

Arrival - Whether you are starting at 7:00am or 2:00pm, whenever you would like us to arrive, we will be there. 

Departure - Your designated Day of Coordinator will stay to assist in the tear down at the end of the night. This includes 1 hour after the event has ended and guests have departed.

How long are you there on the wedding day?

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A rehearsal is included on the wedding day with your designated Day of Coordinator. We always allocate enough time on the day of the event to coordinate a run through with you and your wedding party. 

If you would like a rehearsal before the day of your wedding, you will know if your rehearsal date is available 1 month prior to your wedding. You are not guaranteed your specific Day of Coordinator to be there due to this being schedule permitting, however, another honey b. coordinator is responsible for running the rehearsal.

You may book a rehearsal out in advance for an extra $100. This allows for our staff to plan their schedules in advance. Travel fees may apply.

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We love to travel! The service rate includes 1 hour in any direction from where we are located in the Twin Cities. Any distance that requires more time and mileage, is subject to a travel fee.

Travel fees are priced as a flat rate to cover meals, mileage, and time. The client must pay for travel accommodations such as hotels and flights if applicable. Please inquire for more details!

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Question 3

We pride ourselves in providing our couples with all inclusive packages to make the honey b. experience easy and effortless. However, there are some logistical items and services we do not include. These are:

DJ and/or Emcee - We are helping you walk down the aisle, holding late guests from interrupting the ceremony, making sure vendors are in their correct spots, and running the timeline during the ceremony and reception. We are always busy and can't be at two places at one time. I would recommend hiring a DJ, however, understand that might not be for everyone. If you decide to pass on this vendor, please designate one friend or family member to be responsible for this throughout the wedding.

Floral Installations and Drapery - Your flowers and decor are beautiful, and we want them to be everything you've envisioned. honey b. does not get on any ladder higher than a step stool. We certainly help with tablescapes, but when it comes to a hanging floral installation or drapery, we leave this to the experts. The florist and/or decorator knows their products the best.

Pick up Dessert - Due to possible outlying factors such as weather conditions and/or accidents, we do not transport any desserts. We avoid all of the "what if's" by recommending a trusted family member or friend pick them up if you choose for them not to be delivered.

Pick Up and Drop Off Rental Items - honey b. provides the option of rental decor for your convenience! We understand you may want to rent from another vendor or DIY your decor. Any decor that is not owned by honey b. must be delivered by the client or vendor responsible. We will help set up and tear down the decor once it is delivered to the venue. 

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Do you have a list of PREFERRED vendors?

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Of course we do! We have been introduced to so many amazing vendors or "friendors," as we like to call them, while working in this industry. Each recommendation we give to our couples is customized to their specific needs, wants, and aesthetic of their wedding. However, here are a few of our favorites!

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Preparation is key to making your big day seamless. That is why we promise to listen and understand your questions, ideas, and concerns throughout the process. 

We are always here for you! Whether it be from helping you make big planning decisions, or bustling your dress on the day, honey b. has your back. We want you to remember your wedding the way you've always envisioned it! 

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